Summer Solstice Blessings!

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Full of articles, ideas, & recipes for creating memorable summer magic!

What is Litha?

One of the Holidays on the Wheel of the Year, Litha takes place at Midsummer and is a celebration of light, growth, and fertility. It was seen as the battle of the forces of nature and the everchanging seasons in a constant cycle of life. Click the link below to continue reading about Litha, and the battle between the Oak King, and the Holly King.

Crystals & Stones

Amber, Citrine

Carnelian, Sunstone

Jade, Diamond, Tigers Eye.

Colors & Candles

Blue, Green, Yellow

Orange, Red, Gold,


St. John’s Wart, Star of the Summer Solstice.

A pretty five petaled flower representing the Sun, and reveired for centuries for it’s powerful healing properties. Click the link and scroll down to read all about this amazing herb…

Herbs & Flowers

Basil, Calendula, Chamomile,

Daisy, Heather, Lavender,

Meadowsweet, Mint, Mugwort,

Peony, Roses, St. John’s Wort

Sunflowers, Vervain,

Wild Thyme

Our favorite Summer Recipes!

Check out this section for all of our favorite summer recipes. Whether your entertaining for the Solstice, having you own summertime circle gathering, or feel like a refreshing magical cocktail, we’ve got you covered.

Altar Decorations & Symbols

Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables,

Sun Symbols, Seashells, Stone Circles,

Solar Cross, Bees, Butterflies


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Blessed Be…

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