Spell Crafting 101

So, what is a spell? Simply put, a spell is something you do to affect change either in the physical or spiritual world. It is a way of using the different elements and ingredients you have around you, that resonate and speak to you with the energy of the goal you are seeking. Weather you are looking for love, abundance, healing, or letting something go, if you follow the same basic steps you will be able to create any spell when needed from the elaborate to the most simple.

A spell can be done in so many different ways, you can do jar spells, Mojo bags, candle spells, food spells. You can create magical potions, bath salts and room sprays easily when you know the basics. Its all about what you need, and what you have at hand.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide, but a way to get started on the path of creating your own spells and rituals for recording in your own personal Book of Shadows. You can work with the energy of the Moon and it’s cycles, properly call upon a chosen deity for assistance, use planetary correspondences that align with your intent. Take these suggestions and use them as a guide, expand on them use them to create the right spell for you. It’s all up to you, You are the Magic!

Step one: Moon Phase

So you know what kind of spell you need, now you need to know the best time to work it, so it will be at its most effective. You do this by choosing the correct phase the moon is currently in, to match your intent. Basically, are you growing/gaining? Or are you looking to let go of/release a current situation or person from your life? Look to the stage of the Moon, and match your needs with the current activity to be in line with the universe around you.

If you wish to go further and include a planetary day or hour there are some great Apps available if you search for them, that will tell you exactly the Planet of the day, and the times each one rules. For simplicity we will only concern ourselves with the Moon for now, as it is one of the oldest and easiest forms of magical timings.

  • New Moon- A time for new beginnings, setting new intentions or habits. Purification, Divination. Shadow Work.

  • Waxing Crescent- A time to draw your desires to you. Love, Healing, Career.

  • Waxing Gibbous- Continues to bring abundance and prosperity.

  • Full Moon- Psychic energy is strong, use for cleansing tools, and purification. Bring to fruition work started at the New Moon. Recharge, give thanks for all you have been given.

  • Waning Gibbous-Time to release all that does not serve you. Expel negative energies and bad habits from your life. Banish, Cord cutting, Letting go.

  • Waning Quarter- Continue to clear out the unwanted people and influences in your life. Release negative thoughts and feelings.

  • Waning Crescent- Time to clear out the home in preparation of the New Moon. Burn frankincense, wash the floors with a mixture of clean water, and a splash of Florida Water or salt added to it.

Choosing the Spell…

As previously mentioned, a spell is a way of sending our intentions out into the universe. But how do we do that exactly? What kind of spell is best? Should you do a jar spell, or maybe a candle spell? There are so many ways to choose from. The first step is don’t be overwhelmed. We know what we need, and when to do it, now we choose the method that makes the most sense personally. look around, see what you have on hand. Try a few different ones, and see what feels best to you. So let’s talk a little about just some of the different methods you can use.

  • Candle Spell. Use a small candle in the color that matches your intent. Take a pin or other sharp object and carve into in any symbols, intention, initials. Choose a corresponding oil, and dress the candle. light the candle and focus your intention as the flame begins to burn. Sit and meditate for a bit on what you want to happen, see it as it unfolds in your mind’s eye. Allow the candle to burn itself out. *a small votive or chime candle is best so as not to allow the wick to get too long, as this will increase the heat and cause the candle to burn faster or sputter. You can also use a larger candle you burn for 5, 7 or 9 consecutive night’s at a specific hour. For example, if doing a love spell you may want to burn your candle only during the hour of Venus each night, You can surround your candle with different herb’s and crystals, but I do not advise adding them into the wax. This can create a dangerous situation, and a real fire hazard. I have personally seen commercially sold candles, burst into flaming torches, because of the inclusion of dried herbs.

  • Mojo Bags- Select the mojo bag in a color that corresponds to your work. Into the bag you will put herbs, crystals and other items that correspond to that intent. For example our love spell, we would use a pink or red bag depending on how fiery we wanted the relationship to be then add a crystal or two like Rose Quartz, add a Red Jasper for a little lust and a Clear Quartz to boost them all. Add in herbs like rose petals, and lavender, peppermint will spice things up and add a little heat for a romantic, lusty love. You can also add a slip of paper with the initials of you and your object of desire, planetary symbols, or names of deity’s you are asking for assistance. Now, lets feed that little bundle of desire. You can use an oil that matches and anoint the bag, or light some incense and pass the bag through the smoke three times while you visualize your desire becoming a reality, and repeat, “As I Will It, So Shall it Be.” Repeat this action of “feeding” the spell once a week on a day or hour that corresponds with the intention.

  • Jar Spell. You can do basically the same as in the Mojo bag, but using a small jar. layer the items as follows; Salt, Herbs, Flowers, Spices, and top it off with Crystals. Seal the jar with the cork or lid, and light a candle in a corresponding color. (Remember, you can always use a white candle to replace any other color.) Allow the candle wax to melt and drip over the top of the jar, sealing the lid closed. You can then light your incense, and pass it though, same as the Mojo.

  • Parchment Spell- Take a piece of parchment paper, using either a magical ink like Dragons Blood, or a pen in the color that corresponds to your intention, write down what it is you desire in an unbroken spiral. Roll the paper up and bind it with a cord in corresponding color. Tie three knots in the cord, with each knot repeat “As I will, so shall it be!” Leave the scroll on your altar, surrounded by crystals, and herbs and/or flowers.

Choose the Color…

  • Red- Love, lust, passion, sexuality.

  • Pink- Love, friendship, self-confidence and self-love. Soul mate.

  • Orange- Justice, success in court, abundance.

  • Yellow- Health, happiness,, success, joy and healing.

  • Green- Money, fertility, nature, balance.

  • Blue- Emotional healing, health and well-being. Calming, and relaxing.

  • Turquoise- Health, healing, travel and Egyptian Magic.

  • Purple- Dreams, divination, psychic intuition.

  • Brown- Animal magic, protection of familiars and pets, nature, home protection.

  • Black- Banishing, cursing, hexing, protection, removal of negative energies.

  • White- Any type of spell, meditation, protection, spirituality.

Choose your ingredients...

So we know what we want, and how we want to go about it, but now what? Below is a list of basic herbs that you can begin to collect for your spell cupboard.

  • Allspice- (Jupiter) Success, determination, energy. Use for money, luck healing.

  • Basil- (Mars) Love, prosperity, protection. Use for Love, lust, cleansing.

  • Bay - (Sun) Success, victory, positive energy. Use for money, luck,

  • Pepper Corns- (Mars) Red for Lust, love & desire. Black for war, hexing, separation.

  • Catnip-(Venus) Aphrodisiac. Use for lust, desire and to turn up the passion.

  • Chamomile-(Sun)Anxiety & stress-relieving, brings happiness, peace, money, success.

  • Clove-(Jupiter) Commanding, compelling & controlling. Use for collection a debt.

  • Coriander-(Mars) Love, lust, intelligence, mental alertness.

  • Lavender- (Venus) Love, self-esteem, friendship, dreams, divination.

  • Lemon Balm-(Sun) Purify self/space. Love, money, remove obstacles.

  • Mint-(Mars) Energy, communication, protection, increases sexual stamina.

  • Mugwort-(Moon) Divination, dreams, astral travel, safe travel. Prevents delays.

  • Patchouli- (Earth Deities) Grounding, prosperity, love, sex, health, protection, stability.

  • Raspberry-(Venus) Sleep, protection, healing, fertility.

  • Rosemary-(Heb) Counteracts / blocks curses, dispel evil and negativity.

  • Rose Petals-(Sun) Love, romance, desire, emotional healing, self-love.

  • Thyme-(Venus) Purification, increase awareness, invokes gentleness/understanding.

  • Yarrow-(Venus) Increase clairvoyance powers, attracts friends/romance.

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